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The StarCraft colors are red and silver. The knots are usually red, intertwined with silver.
Probationary apprentices simply have a single cord and a loop of those colors, but an apprentice will have a double cord and single loop. A senior apprentice's knot would be the same as the junior apprentices with the addition of a small tail if they are not posted. If they are, then it will have a tassel.
Journeymen have a double cord, single loop and long tail bound in silver. A Senior Journeyman would have the same with a tassle, but instead of silver it is bound in gold. If the journeyman is of any staff positions, they will have two tassles.
Masters have double cords and loops with a tassle bound in gold while the craftsecond has a triple loop. The Craftmaster will have a double cord, triple loop and two tassles, all bound in gold.

When a StarCrafter is posted, two ribbons with the colors of the hold they are posted to will be intertwined in the knot.

Specialties can be determined by a small badge attatched to the top of the knot. For example, a silver badge with a red star might indicate a specialty of Red Star, while a silver badge with a blue star might indicate optics, or maybe night skies. (It is usually told in the desc of the knot.)