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The StarCraft at Harper's Tale

The StarCraft, originally a subcraft of the Smith hall, is the main group of astronomers on Pern. We range from sailors to smiths to poets, all those who love learning and love the skies. A StarCrafter can use the stars and moons to navigate, or predict the time and nature of Thread--undisputably our most important task! but one will also know the stories and lore behind the stars, and the pictures men see in them.

Masters:Jordana, Matias (NPC), Imaria (NPC), Gonone (NPC, Apprentice Master)
Journeymen:Jorina*, Sabrina, Lyana (OOC CM)*, Hythe, Adar*, Cipri*, Kortin, Keris (OOC C2)*, Thalassina*, Cheli (NPC), Gildal (NPC), Zoey, Kazandar*, Shava*, Lilinia*, Kezzra, Derit

(Those marked with a * are staff)

The StarCraft's colours are red and silver, and the symbol is a silver, eight-pointed star on a red field, which is usually circular.

Search Policy: Three may be Searched, and Impress; they /must/ have the Area Leaders' permission first, though, and have been in the StarCraft /prior/ to Search starting.

Ashlyn's player has put together a page with Crafters' Birthdays! Go HERE to see the list of those brave enough to give them to her. :)

Curious to see a list of all those that were around way back when? Then go HERE to see that!

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