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An OOC Red Star Class

Hythe smiles, 'Hello Lyana'
Jorina looks at the two girls, then reaches over to flip on the OOC lamp. "An OOC Red Star class okay?"
Hythe nodsnods.
Lyana nods. "Okie."
Jorina nods, "Now starting from the beginning, how did the RS enter the system?"
.Hythe thinks for a moment, 'It was here already?'
Lyana umms. "Something with the Oort cloud?"
Jorina shakes her head, "Not really... The major theory is that it somehow got pulled into Rukbat's orbit, but was never an original part of the system."
Lyana ahs. "I see. Do they know if it's a planet or moon?"
Hythe nods, 'And that would explain its erratic orbit?
Jorina nods, "It would. And the star is a planet. Now, what do we know of it's atmosphere from F'nor's visit?"
Hythe is trying to remember, 'Filled with hot gasses...But I forgot what they were made up of'
Jorina nods slowly and waits for Lyana...
Lyana says, "Oh. I didn't really read that book. But I heard something about it being barren and dusty..."
Hythe says, "Dragon Quest...wasn't it?"
"We didn't really get all this from F'nor's visit. What we do know is that the clouds where he and Canth got sucked into were made up of lots of sand and dust particles that ruined their hides." Jorina nods to Hythe, "yes, DragonQuest."
Lyana hmms. "I'll have to get that book. Okay. I understand that."
Hythe nods, 'Okay.'
"Is there anything the 2 of you know about Jaxom and Ruth's visits?" Riina loves this stuff- she practically memorized these parts.
Hythe oh dears, 'I had completely forgotten that they visited too.'
Lyana shakes her head and really should start reading the books while she doesn't have anything to read at school.
Jorina says, "Well, they visited about three times. Twice to blow up the engines and once to survey the area. I think."
Lyana nods. "Oh. What kind of engines?"
Hythe says, "Engines on the red star?"
Jorina says, "What they (and AIVAS) found out was that the RS had a basically very dusty terrain. It was pretty flat surfaced, except for boulders and small rocks. There was also a deep gorge where J&R had blown up the Yokohama and Bahrain's engines. (They timed it after their first visit to do so) Making the gorge caused the two Long Intervals that most people probably know of."
Hythe oohs, 'Okay.'
"Now, what we didn't earn in the books, but from the DLG is a little more (what's the word?) complex..."
Hythe nods, 'Thanks'
Lyana ahs. "Even though I'm having a little prob understanding, I get most of it. Did they actually blow up the Red Star?"
Hythe thought that they did, 'But that happened after our timeframe'
Lyana nods. "Okay. Then why did they make that gorge?"
Jorina shakes her head, "They just blew up gorges in it to swerve it away from Pern. (I forgot to mention that...) The purpose was to keep Thread from falling on Pern. And it took place in the 9th Pass. On HT, though, it never happened because we never found AIVAS."
Lyana chuckles at the fact that it seems Riina can read her mind then grins. "Okay. I get it."
Hythe nods slowly.
Lyana ohs. "I have a question about what Jaxom and Ruth did."
Lyana says, "When they went to the Red Star to explore it, did that happen here, on HT?"
Jorina nods, "Now the DLG tells us that the clouds that F'nor used to ::between:: to the RS were heavyish gases swirling around above the lighter gases (clouds...) Both have much sand and dust in them, creating the reddish tint." No, that didn't happen.
Hythe nods, 'But is they had been able to betweened to below the clouds...They would have been okay?
Lyana okays. "So F'nor had gone through the Oort cloud?"
Jorina nods, "They woulda been fine. Except there isn't much oxygen at all there. And they did *not* go through the Oort cloud. That'd be kinda hard to do. :]"
Hythe hmms, 'Are the thread actually alive in the Oort cloud?'
Jorina says, "Most of the gases there are not very good for us, and as I said, there is not much oxygen at all, if not none."
Lyana ahs. "Did they get out alive?" (I might know if I'd read the book...)
Jorina shrugs, "It's frozen. It needs the friction of entering our atmosphere to turn into the thread we know."
Hythe ahs, 'Okie'
Jorina says, "Yes, they did. They were wearing space suits and dragons can hold their breath for 15 minutes or so,. I think."
Lyana nods. "Good."
Hythe nods.
Jorina grins, "Here's an easier part, what's the RS's orbit like?"
Lyana says, "Erratic?"
Jorina nods, "it's erratic, but what else?"
Jorina says, "Be more specific"
Lyana umms. "I'm not sure...
Jorina peers at Hythe. "I thought I taught you that class."
Hythe hmms, "Its follows an almost oval path.'
Hythe hides her head.
Jorina nods, poking and prodding, "Anything else?"
Hythe says, "The long intervals are when its path is far from Pern."
Hythe is prodded.
Jorina nods, "Right. Anything else?"
Lyana grins. "Sorry. Lynyl gave me that class..."
Lyana says, "A long time ago."
Hythe thinks for a moment, 'Did you answer whether it was a planet or a moon?'
Hythe thinks that RS was her first class.
Jorina grins, "Well, it takes about 200-250 Turns to go from Pern, to the Oort cloud back to Pern. And it's a planet."
Lyana nods. "That's easy enough." :)
Hythe says, "Those are the long intervals?"
Jorina shakes her head, "Long Intervals take about 500 Turns to go through the process."
Lyana blinks. "Now that part totally left my mind. I forgot that the long intervals were 500 Turns."
Hythe ohhs..."SO how long did it take from the time they changed the orbit of the star...until they felt the change.?"
Jorina grins, "They went between time, so those were the long intervals, but the third time they blew up the engine (Buenos-Aires, I think) didn't really start to show until what might have been the Tenth Pass. We don't really know about that kind of stuff because it isn't in the books."
Hythe oohs! "I had forgotten betweening through times...J&R did that.'
Lyana ahs. "But none of that happened in HT? Okay."
Hythe says, "Well...Lessa did it bring forward the oldtimers."
Jorina nods, "Right. Anything else y'all might want to know that I haven't said?"
Lyana hmms. "Umm... How long does it take for the thread to fall again?"
Jorina grins, "It falls for fifty turns. or so."
Jorina shoves Lyana in the direction of the non-fiction part of the library, call number 813.54 MC
Lyana says, "And are we in a... oh, what do they call it when thread falls?... Pass! Are we in a Pass right now?"
Hythe nodsnods
Jorina nods, "The tenth"
Lyana grins. "Why non-fiction?"
Hythe says, "Time is measured in passes."
Lyana nods. "Okay. I guess that's all..."
"Non-fiction because it tells the truth about fiction- I don't know..." Riina shakes her head bewildered, "but it's nonfiction"
Lyana laughs. "You mean the DLG is in non-fiction???"
Hythe just snickers.
Jorina nods, "Yes."
Lyana wows. "Anyway, is that all? I feel like there should be more..."
Hythe is trying to think of more questions.
Jorina isn't sure... "Les see, F'nor, Jaxom, Atmosphere, Long Intervals, Passes, What else?"
Hythe continues, 'How the Red Star came to orbit Rukbat
Jorina nods, "That was first..."
Hythe nodsnods and is trying to think of more questions. ;)
Max suddenly disappears ::between::, most likely in search of food.
Oort suddenly disappears ::between::!
Altair twinkles like a brilliant blue star and disappears
Jorina can't think of anything else...
Hythe neither.
Lyana says, "Neither can I."
Jorina nods then we're done. I have to edit the log though... Lotsa spelling mistakes and not good stuff...
Lyana grins. "Now to teach my class... if someone would just get on when a j-person is..."
Jorina steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.
Jorina returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.