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Night Skies Class

Cipri says, "Ah, Tabor, just the appy I needed. I was planning to teach a lesson, Intro to Astronomy I think, so, you want to come to?"
May walks in from the Main Hall Balcony.
Jayla walks in from the Main Hall Balcony.
Tabor's sack coughs out a gasp of its wonderful odor as he stops short. He grins. "I was just going out exploring, but okay! That sounds like fun!"
Canna walks in from the Main Hall Balcony.
Canna smiles and waves to everyone
Cipri says, "HI Canna, interested in a lesson?"
Kaltar walks in from the Main Hall Balcony.
Kaltar quietly walks through on his way to somewhere.
Cipri looks up, "Kaltar, you busy?"
Kaltar pauses mid step. He arches an eyebrow at Cipri, but says nothing.
Canna nods her head "Sure"
Cipri smiles, "I wanted to teach a lesson, but if I recall correctly, I need a J-man so, if you wouldn't mind"
Tabor plunks his sack down. Even more of it's nauseating odor gets released into the room.
Kaltar tips his head to the side briefly as though a slight shrug. He turns around, and holds out a hand to Cipri to lead the way.
Tabor watches the Journeyman curiously.
Cipri smiles, "OK, now, The Library is the best place i think."
Tabor kicks his sack in front of him, half carrying it. It coughs out a nauseating odor with each kick.
Cipri smiles, and sits down on the front desk, "Take a seat, please, Don't torture your legs."
Kaltar takes up a chair in the back of the room and folds his arms.
Canna looks around for a comfy spot to sit in.
Tabor plunks his sack down beside him, and takes a seat right in front of Cipri.
Nauseating odors fill the room ... it smells like something somewhere between that of a gym-bag used as a locker and a skunk.
Cipri smiles, as he group sits down, "Ok, here goes nothing, it's my first lesson, and it's Intro to Astronomy." He grins, as he remembers his own Astronomy lesson, "This is one of the best lessons, 'cause with this info, you will be able to answer quite some questions by travelers, thus making you look smart."
He looks over the desk, looking for a book. It isn't there, so he gets off the table, and goes to the bookshelves.
Tabor nods, and looks very eager to learn. A grin is plastered across his face. He seems blatantly unaware of the odors from his sack.
Canna seems a bit nervous, after all, this is her first lesson too.
Cipri gets a large, thick book out of the shelves, and blows the dust off *Where does this dust come from.. Oops, wrong book* He places it back, and gets a much smaller one.
Tabor snickers at Cipri.
Canna clears her mind, readying herself for the upcoming lesson.
Cipri sits down, "OK, You all joined the StarCraft, for different reasons, but there is one thing /all/ of you will do, when in the craft, you'll look up at the sky, and see things." He pauses, "Anyone know what we see, when we look up?"
Tabor nods eagerly, and raises his hand. He bounces up and down and flails his arms around "I do! I do!"
Canna raises her hand.
Cipri grins, "Ok, tell me."
Cipri smiles, "And please, don't be so formal, I was an appy, just till a week ago."
Tabor tries to sound like he knows everything as he answers "We see Rukbat, Red Star, and other stars!" Tabor makes a face at Cipri. He then pulls his sack closer to him. He opens it and reaches inside, pulling out what looks like a dried leaf, or what used to be part of one at least. He glances around quickly, and then flicks it toward Canna.
Tabor starts to snicker quietly to himself at his own mischief.
Cipri nods to Tabor, "Yes, those are things far, far away, but there are things closer to, Canna, perhaps you know what." He makes a face back at Tabor, "PFFFFFFRRRR!"
Cipri walks over to Canna, and gets SOMETHING of the floor, "Tabor, what's this". He drops it on Tabor's lap, without smelling it, "Keep it with you!"
Canna umms "Well, moons, and bugs?"
Tabor suddenly sobers up and his cheeks pinken. "Yes, sir." he says. Tabor looks at the leaf fragment, and pretends to put it away ... until Cipri turns his back.
Cipri smiles, and sits back on the desk, "Moons, moons indeed we see, they appear the largest to us but that's just because they are so close."
A leaf fragment flutters down next to Cipri.
Cipri pauses briefly, "Now, the moons have names, and I think you both know them.. Don't you?"
Tabor fakes a yawn and nods.
Cipri shoves the leaf of the desk, "Canna, you know them?"
Tabor mutters under his breath.
Canna thinks to herself "I think so, at least I thought I did"
Cipri smiles, "They're Timor and Belior. Belior's the closer and smaller of the two."
Canna nods her head, "Oh Yeah!"
Canna says, "But I always thought it was the other way around"
Tabor folds his arms under his head and lays back and closes his eyes.
Cipri grins, "Well, Not according to Jorina." But then again, she is kinda weird.. he says under his breath.
Tabor looks incredibly bored, and soon, he seems to be sleeping.
Cipri looks at Tabor, "Hrump, asleep, well let him sleep, I'm finishing the lesson." He stands up, and moves the sack of smell away from him. Then he sits back at the desk again, and turns towards Canna.
HE says, "OK, now, besides Pern, Rukbat, and the Moons, there are a few other, small looking things in the sky."
Cipri says, "Canna, Do you perhaps know what's out there, besides that?"
Canna hmms "Constellations?"
Cipri smiles, and nods, "yes, the constellations are out there, but they don't "really" exist, we make them up, 'cause we can remember the stars that way." He nods, "But you see them to yes. I was referring to the other planets."
Canna says, "Red Star?"
Cipri nods, "The Red Star is a planet, yes, and besides Pern, and the Red Star, there are 4 other planets moving in circles around Rukbat." Cipri says, "Then there is, as you already pointed out " He smiles at Canna, "The Red Star."
Canna nods her head.
Cipri continues, "Now, the Red Star isn't really a star, like the other real stars, but it is the thing we monitor most closely. The Red Star is actually a planet, a very red planet"
He says, "The Red Star moves at an eccentric orbit, and every two hundred and fifty Turns, it comes close enough to Pern, to drop of the infamous "Thread."
Canna jots down the info into her memory.
Cipri grins, "BUT, and this is important, the Thread does not come from the Red Star" Cipri shakes his head, "No sirrie, The Thread comes from some strange place, called the Oort Cloud" he smiles as the large canine on the floor moves his head, hearing it's name.
Cipri smiles, "and, in the middle of those 250 Thread free Turns, when the Red Star is at it's most distant point, it passes /through/ the Oort cloud, and picks up the Thread."
Cipri says, "after that, it takes another 125 turns till the Red Star is near Pern, before it starts dropping the Thread"
Canna nods while jotting down the info into her compacted brain.
Cipri grins at the super quiet, but nodding Canna, and says, "it's OK to interrupt me Canna, please do so, if you have a question, I kept asking questions during my lessons, why do you think Riina got insane?" He grins, thinking of Riina, and the toy Flit, *Emmy*.
Canna shakes her head "I dunno, too much stress?"
Cipri shakes his head, "I kept asking questions, but that's what these lessons are supposed to be for." OOC: Cipri says "To RP :)"
Canna wonders and asks "So, about how many lives have Thread killed?"
Cipri shakes his head, "To many, far to many lives, but " His face cheers up, "Every time we can warn the Weyrs of a strange Fall, we save many, many lives"
Canna smiles "Well, that's good, so that sort of makes the people of this craft Heroes?"
Cipri laughs, "Yes, yes, You might say that, although every craft is important, we can help in front, instead of during, or after the fall."
Cipri smiles, "Now" he looks at the book, and flips some pages, "Had that, that, and this.. yes, had this too." Then, a few pages before the end, he sees something, "Ah, yes, of course, the Thread itself."
Canna reaches to scratch a bug bite on her knee.
Cipri says, "Well, I think that most of this, you already know, The Thread falls down from the red planet, and flies towards Pern, where we have predicted it.. Most of the times" he grins, "Then, the Riders burn it out of the sky, or ground troops do the job on the ground" he says, "If not stopped, it shall eat itself full, like young Firelizards, and it will eat everything organic, Flowers, trees, Livestock, or even humans and Dragons."
Canna squirms "Eww, that's gross"
Cipri nods, "It is, that's why we are so important, we make sure it's stopped. "He closes the book" Well, that wasn't so hard, was it. " He smiles at the Journeyman, who nods back at him, "Any questions?"
Canna shakes her head "I think I am all set for now"
Cipri grins, "Ok.. I've always wanted to say this, Dismissed" he stands up, and puts the book back.
Canna stands up "Thank you for the lesson!"