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Cleaning the Bathing House

Naomi leans back into the softly padded cushions of the sofa she's seated upon. With an irritated flick at her blonde tendrils of hair, which fall across her face, she blows carefully over the surface of her klah, cradling the mug contentedly in both hands. She breathes deeply. Setting her mug on the table beside her, she takes out the rather battered, but well loved old notebook which is carried around with her constantly. She takes a writing stick out of its place stuck into her hair, and begins to sketch. Seeing Libby, she gives a brief smile and takes her as a subject, running the stick of graphite over her paper in light lines and dots.

Libby smiles as she wonders in, yawning broadly, one hand over her mouth, before wiggling some fingers at Naomi. "Heya!" she calls, taking a seat on the nearest couch and flipping her legs over one arm, back leant against the other. Quite a feat in a dress.

Kazandar walks in from the Main Hall Balcony.

Scowling as she breaks the tip of her writing stick, Naomi closes the notebook and looks up to the other girl, sighing angrily. "Hi. How are you doing?" She puts the notebook back into her bag and looks at the broken stick of graphite, biting her lip. "My best one," she mutters. Shaking her head solemnly, she looks up and notices Kazandar. Waving, she puts the stick away and closes her sack. "How are you, Kaz?"

Libby raises an eyebrow at the stick, but doesn't comment, waving to wiggle some fingers at Kaz this time. "'Lo, Journeyman." she calls, smiling from her place on a couch. "And I'm fine, Naomi." she replies to her fellow apprentice.

Kazandar slides into the room, grinning, but grinning evily. He looks around, seeing who's here, and transforms the grin into a smile, all too sweet a smile. "Hello...I'm fine, really. And how's everyone else?" He crosses his arms and shifts his weight to one foot. "What's everyone doing?"

Libby grabs the nearest book and holds it upside-down without realizing. "Oh, just studying a little." she tells the journeyman. That's what she's supposed to do right. Firelizards chirp agreement from three places around the senior apprentice.

Naomi bites her lip again, harder this time. In response to her mentor's question, she merely mutters, "Breaking my best and most expensive writing stick, that's all." She leans over on her side and rests her head on the arm of the sofa. Klah. She needs her klah. Grabbing the mug in one hand she gulps it down happily and looks back at the Journeyman, finally catching his grin. Don't trust him, a voice in her head whispers. Evil plans.

Kazandar raises an eyebrow at Libby. Studying? Ha../Sure/. "Oh...Well studying's always good...There's always other things to do though..." He smirks, and looks, well tries to look, sympathetic to Naomi. "That's awful...Really...Now what will you do?"

Libby turns her head to the book, just in case. Eep! She quickly flips it over, hoping Kazan won't spot the way her cheeks redden over the top of the volume she holds. Oh dear.

Blinking rapidly, Naomi's eyes focus on Kaz's face and her expression grows curious. No! the voice shouts. Don't ask that! Shaking her head as if trying to knock her brain out, she looks to the Journeyman and says softly, "I don't have anything to do right now. Do you need anything from me?" The voice slinks back into her mind, leaving a throbbing headache behind as punishment for her defiance. Soothing her head with her klah, Nao leans forward and tilts her head in question.

Libby ducks her head down behind the book. Bad idea. Bad, bad, bad idea. Ducking further, Libby hopes it's a mentor/mentee thing. She's not here, nope. Not here at all.

Kazandar eyes Libby quizzically. Ok..That's, um, wierd. He shakes his head and looks back at Naomi, wondering what he said. He's innocent..Really...He grins at Naomi, evil hidden behind it. "Me? Have something for you to do? Never..."

Libby is /so/ not here. Hic. Oh no. Hic. Why now? Libby even jumps a little, making the book in front of her jump as well, whenever she hiccoughs. Hic. It's that 'lizard on the perch, really is it.

Naomi lets out a long-held breath, which she hadn't realized she'd held in. Licking her lips, she puts her mug away, having finished the klah a while ago. Her headache leaves her and she plops back down onto the couch, looking relaxed. "Oh, alright then." Wincing to hold in the voice, which surprisingly has returned, she asks cautiously, "Are you sure?"

Hic. Hic hic. Libby tries holding her breath, but only makes herself feel mildly dizzy. This is just great this is. Zak sqwarks experimentally, not liking being jumped about on Libby's head, and Destiny and Zlantine start to croon in return. Could Libby make anymore noise?

Kazandar looks tohughtful, making a show of tapping his lip with one finger. "Well..," he finnaly states, looking from Libby to Naomi and back to Libby again. I seeee you. I see all..."There /is/ a litte favor you could to me...." He trails off, smiling innocently at them. "It's not that big a thing, though...." He frowns slightly at all the noise Libby and 'those' around her are making.

Libby shhhhs loudly, and then 'hics' again. Oh dear, oh dear. She taps Destiny on the muzzle, but the 'lizard simply starts a more tuneful croon. Ugh. She really isn't here, it's just a bunch of 'lizards and a hiccuping book. Really.

Naomi blinks. The voice was right. With a hopeful sigh, she asks, "What would you like-" She pauses to put emphasis on the next word, "-/us/ to do?" She curses herself for getting dragged into what smelled like chores.

Libby glares through the book. She might not be here, but she can still hear. She's still not coming out. She might as well be wearing that book on her head instead of her hat now. Pout. At least her hiccups have stopped, even if her 'lizards are still trying to make it in the HarperCraft.

Kazandar grins. He's innocent, really. He didn't plot or plan or drag anyone into chorse..No..This is a, uh, /fun/ activity. "Well...You know the bathhouse?" He pauses, but not long enough for anyone to get a word in. "Well...Go clean it." He eyes Libby. Yes you too.

Libby can't see Kaz. Haha. She's studying, and she's not really here anyway, see. If her 'lizards would just drop the chorus line. They might as well be dancing for all the attention they're attracting. Ew. Not here, not here. Nope.

Naomi dips her head down to her lap and sighs deeply. She asked for it. Well, she hasn't had many chores lately. Maybe it won't be so bad. She reaches out and grabs Libby's hand, attempting to lead her out of the door. She throws a mournful glance at Kaz, then shakes her head. Rule #1- Don't mess with the Journeymen. "Oh, okay. Libby? Come too?"

Libby has her hand grabbed. But she was invisible, wasn't she? Three irrate 'lizards chirp at the jerk and Libby drops the huge book on her foot. "Ow." She grumbles quietly, just in case Kaz has somehow missed her. She shoots a glare at Naomi. Hmm.

Kazandar grins and sneaks up to where Libby 'isn't'. Oh dear...Where'd Libby go? He rolls his eyes and pokes Libby. "Up up. Come on. Move it." He's that All Knowing All Seeing Kaz! You can't escape him and his promise of chores..Muahahaha-Ahem.

Libby thought she'd joined the StarCraft, not the Guards. Sulk. Kaz isn't even her mentor. "Why of course!" she says all too cheerily and stands up. Her foot hurts. Zak crows at Kazan, his human pet=his attention. He is /not/ happy about her doing other things.

Naomi nods cooperatively, although not entirely enthusiastic. With a sweep of her hands, she throws her hair up and ties it, letting Libby's hand go. She grins slightly and heads out the door, towards the bathing house.

You go to the Main Hall Balcony.

You go to the StarCraft Main Hall.

You go to the StarCraft Courtyard.

You go to the StarCraft Field.

You go to the Lakeside.

You go to the Bathing House.

Libby hushes at her firelizard, who still insist on chatting to each other like this is a mothers meeting. She stands, arms folded, looking at Kaz and trying to seem annoyed, which is hard when your covered it twittering, tweeting little 'lizards.

Naomi breathes in deeply through her nose and looks around. It isn't a very pretty sight, but she could care less at the moment. Pouting slightly, she crouches on the floor and peers at what is dirty in the room, wrinkling her nose distastefully. Turning back to her mentor, she asks timidly, "You want us to clean all this? What should I do first?"

Kazandar wrinkles his nose at the room and walks over to a bench, brushing it off a bit before sitting down. He folds his hands in his lap, leaning back and grinning. "Well...Get cleaning. I don't care /where/ you start as long as you finish." He sighs. Should've brought a book with him...

It crawls. Yes it does. But it crawls unseen. It'd groovy hiding up on the ceiling, especially when the weird big things come. It notes all this, and then continues to crawl.....

Libby drops one on one knee, hitching her dress up so it doesn't get damp. She takes one look at the floor and stands up to look at Kazandar. "And what are we supposed to clean with?" she asks of the Journeyman.

Naomi sighs and walks over to the closet, which is in pretty bad shape itself. She opens the door and lets out a cloud of dust. Sneezing and coughing miserably, she digs through the closet and finds two brooms, and a dust pan. "We can use these, I guess." With another sneeze and a shrug, she bends over and picks up the longest broom, proceeding to make a somewhat tidy pile out of the fallen dust she'd let out. She wipes her forehead with her wrist, and sighs, unaware of something crawling above.

Open cupboard? No the chance is missed. Instead, Thing crawls along the ceiling a little further. That one has a hat, and that one long hair. What about that one? Hmmm. And still it crawls....

Kazandar blinks and shrugs at Libby. He looks around, but not very a hard. Just a mere turn of his head in one direction. "Well..Look around. I'm sure there's something lying around. This room's clean fairly often..." He eyes Naomi. "Alright maybe not /that/ often." He shrugs, and shakes his head. Ew...

Libby doesn't look very impressed with that. Ew. She takes a broom through, grinning as Zak takes pride of place atop the cupboard. Attention seeker. Peering inside the cupboard she grabs a cloth too, deciding she rather work kneeling. It's closer to sitting after all.

Thing has to be carefull. Thing has to get it... just so! Thing knows it's big. Thing knows its scary. Thing just has to prove it. Now it crawls more slowly....

Naomi brushes away another loose strand of hair and bends over to sweep more. A glance into the closet reveals spinnerwebs... Not a good sign. With a shudder, she closes the door, gives a sigh, and proceeds to sweep little piles of dust and dirt to Kaz's feet. She picks up some other tools and goes to work on the other side of the room, her back to the Thing and his prey... Hehehe.

Libby hitches her dress up, again! This wasn't in the job description. And she's a senior anyway! All the little ones love doing stuff like this, why should she deprive them? Still she sets to scrubbing, then rinsing with a drop of water and a quick brush to the drains.

Kazandar picks up his feet off the ground and sits on them, even if it makes him look silly instead of importaint. "Hey...Sweep dirt /outside/ please?" He snorts, dust you know, and watches Libby. Senior or not...You still cleeeaaan....

Libby would like to clean the smirk of Kazzie's face right now. Pout. She moves to cover a different area, a little further out. This floor if foul! She wrinkles her nose up. From now on she stays in the dorms. More pouting.

The Thing has it just right. Silently, it lays the foundations to it's master plan. Nice sticky, thread like foundations. Foundations which attach to the ceiling. Thing is nearly ready. Thing has stopped crawling.

Naomi nods absently at Kazandar's comment about sweeping on his feet, but basically ignores him as she sets out to sweep in the corners of the room. She wipes her forehead again and takes a deep breath. Nothing is getting any better. Sighing, she walks back over to the closet and takes out a dirty bucket and a rag, filling the bucket with water and dipping the rag in. She gets down on hands and knees and scrubs at the floor carefully, having decided that if she's going to do this, she'll do it right.

Kazandar snorts again, turning his attention away from pouting Libby. He doesn't remember complaining that much about chores. Of course, those memories have been firmly shut away....He yawns. Just watching them work is making him tired.

Libby picks at bits of the work, preferring to get little pockets of the place done to trying to do with the whole, ugly, picture. Hmm, mental note to never forgive Kazandar. 'Lizards have sorted mental note. Thank you for banking with 'Lizarded Images. Anyway, she continues to scrub between pulling her skirt out of the way and pouting.

Now? No... NOW! Down, down, down it spins and twirls. And then..... SPLAT! The Thing lands atop Kazandarís head. Ooooh! Spongy! Pleased, Thing sits there, parading itself to the other two big blobs. Look. At. Me. I am the Thing! Muahahaha!

Libby shrieks, and so do the three 'lizards, and points at Kazandar's head. "What is it? What is it?" Well, duh, it's a spinner! "Get rid of it, get rid of it!" Jumping up onto the nearest ledge, Libby picks up one foot and then the other, even if the Thing isn't anywhere near to here. Ew. Ew, ew, ew.

Naomi brushes at her untamable hair once more. With a sigh, she stands and turns to ask Kaz about the cleaning. "Should I be scrubbing-" Her question drops off short as she sees the biggest spinner she's ever seen, right there on top of Kaz's head. With a shrill scream, she runs over to help, and then realizes what she's doing and backs away quickly. Looking around, she spots the only thing that could possibly save her beloved mentor, and grabs the bucket of grimy water. With a heave, she pours the contents of the bucket all over the Journeyman and gives a tiny shriek as the spinner starts crawling from its spot on Kaz's head. It doesn't die so easily...

Water? It will take more than mere water to phase the Thing! Pa! Dropping down on to Kazandar's bench, the thing runs along the cupboard and then up it's side. Thing must reach the ceiling, it must! For then it can strike again! Hahahaha! Thing rubs it's eight hands together evilly.

Keris wanders casually in from the Lakeside.

Libby is standing high up, in a mix of shierking, pointing, and jumping up and down. Ew. Ew, ew, EW!

Climb, climb, climb, and then some crawling. The Thing regards Zak with contempt. 'Lizard. Bah! The Thing simply gets back onto the ceiling and chooses a fresh bit of hair. Ooooh! Long hair there! And so the Thing crawls again.....

Kazandar sits there, arms crosses as his watches them work. He just blinks at Libby as she starts screaming and yelling. "What? What? /What/?" He jumps up off the bench only to have dirty water splashed all over him by Naomi. "WHAT THE-," he cuts off short, rubbing water from his eyes as he stares at the spinner, mouth hanging open. Suddenly he spits the grimy water out of his mouth. "Oh /ew/. What that really nessacary?" He shakes himself off and looks around, findign...Keris. "Oh. Hello..." He grins, trying ot look inncoent.

Libby doesn't care about innocent. "Keris! Get that...that....that Thing out of here!" she screams at the other jman. They're supposed to be old and wise right? Help!

Keris stops dead in his tracks just inside the bathing house, his glance going from Kayandar to the two apprentices. "Uhm... hello. What /are/ you doing?" the befuddled journeyman demands, glaring first at the other journeyman, then the apprentices. "If you're trying to clean, it looks worse than when I was last here," he notes, blinking at Libby as she screams something. "Thing?? What thing??"

Victim no. 2 coming up! Thing scuttles, fast this time. Stealth was the way to go last time, this time Thing needs speed. Quickly attaching itself to the ceiling, Thing then drops on Naomi's head. Muahahaha!

Naomi jumps back in shock, seeing the hairy, eight-legged creature coming toward her. With a gasp and scream she feels its disgusting legs wiggle up in her hair, getting caught up and tangled. She tries to think rationally, but can't, and ends up fleeing immediately, running over to Keris shouting, "Get it off me!! Get it off me!"

Libby waves both hands in front of her here. How, how horrible! She wrinkles her nose even more and continues to dance where she is. Then, in a flash of inspiration she starts to flick water at Naomi. Not enough to do anything, but then she doesn't want her friend wet, does she?

Haha! Thing rules supreme! It squats, just on top of Naomi's hair, ignoring the slight splashes. All these blobs running around and looking at Thing! How spiffy! Quivering with excitment, Thing prepares to jump....

Blink, blink. "Naomi, what's that in your hair?" Keris inquires cluelessly, staring at the apprentice. "Get what off? Oh, the thing in your hair? What is it anyway?" The clueless journeyman bends forward, trying to get a good look at the Thing.

Libby just throws distasteful looks at Kazandar. "/Do/ something!" He's a jman, he should have been trained to deal with this or something. Spinner fighting classes, or whatever. Ew!!!!

Kazandar glares at Libby, staying right where he is...bakced up against the wall. "And what /should/ I do? Huh? /You/ do something!" He wrinkles his nose, staring wide-eyed at Keris and Naomi. Ew...Ew...Eww...

Naomi squeals and throws her head back and forth, trying to toss the Thing off her head. With a scowl at her mentor, she reaches up and tries to untangle the evil spinner from her hair and save herself. She reaches out to Keris. Mr. Journeyman should save her. Isn't that in their job description? Giving another high-pitched squeal, she shoves her head in his face. "GET IT OFF!!"

Keris starts slightly, his hands moving up reflexively to protect himself from the sudden apprentice-pounce. Oh well, now that they're there... "Then stand still or I can't get it at all!" the journeyman advises, trying to get ahold of the spinner. By the Egg... a /spinner/. Cowardish apprentices and Kazandar.

Thing crouches, and crouches, and SPRINGS! Thing flys through the air like a gold dragon in flight. Thing must reach Keris' head, it just must! Thing flys straight and true it's mid air arc until...... Zak swoops down and, MUNCH, eats Thing. What an anti-climax. Thing was just 'lizard bait. Nice squishy 'lizard bait actully. Mmmm.

Naomi leans back and stares in disbelief at the 'lizard as it swoops by her head and gobbles up Thing. Panting, she walks to the closet, grabs a towel, and throws it to soaking Kaz. "Sorry about that," she mutters. With a smirk, she turns and looks at Keris, shaking her head. Terrible. Just terrible.

Keris is terrible now? Oh. Well. "So, y'were all cleaning in here, hmm?" How... efficient... "Liiby, aren't you feeding your lizards properly?" Smirk.

Kazandar wrinkles his nose at the lizzard, making a face, a disgusted face. least it's gone? He eyes the room. There better not be another either. He coughs and moves away from the wall, feeling slightly more safe, if wet. He snatches the towel in the air and mumbles a 'thanks' while drying himself off. Ew..He'll have to change. He looks over at Keris, "Yeah..We /were/ cleaning...sorfta.."He turns his head in time to see Libby fall to the ground. Oh dear. He looks over as Kortin walks into the room.

Libby wouldn't be happy to know she's getting her dress all wet, but then she's as good as asleep so she doesn't know. Looking rather more peaceful then recently, she lies on the floor, face turned upwards. Isn't fainting dramatic?