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How Riina bought Keris for 1/32 a Mark and Other Stories...

Logfile from Jorina

Waterfall Basin (#12099)
A deep broad pool marks the beginning, or the end of the lake. Refreshing, cool water flows down the waterfall coming from a spring high in the Garish hills, and fills a lake that stretches far to the north, only to disappear near the bathhouse. Numerous rocks are scattered out around the cloud of water that surrounds the waterfall's flow crashing into the pool, which gives the entire area a wet, yet cool athmosphere. Small amount of trees surround the high clifwall, masking a sturdy rope lader that stretches acros the lake up to the top of the waterfall.
It is a winter midmorning.

Keris is here.

Obvious exits:
Lakeside Rope Ladder

Keris (#16771)
Tousled, blond hair rests upon this young man's head, thick waves of polished gold covering his forehead all the way down to his eyebrows. Eyes the color of Harper's blue beam with a lively brilliance, half-covered by errant locks of hair. Smooth skin stretches over high cheekbones, the color a bronzened contrast to blondish hair. A strong chin marks the end of his face, often being tilted upwards in a stubborn motion, or downwards in a pleading ditto. Full lips are often twisted into a grin or a snicker, creating dimples 'neath cheeks and baring white teeth. If looked upon closely, a small scar might be noticed, running from hairline to behind left ear. At 6 feet tall, he stands at a pretty average height. Lithe and agile body is subtly muscled, though not too apparently when covered in clothes. Limbs are long and slender, muscles too, making movement an almost floating sensation of agility and energy.
Plain, black trousers cling tightly to long legs, disappearing into calflength boots a neutral color of brown wherhide. A strip of red leather is wound around slim waist, keeping the trousers in place around narrow hips. Forest green and royal blue are woven together in a tight pattern, mixing in a bluish green adorning the tunic covering from broad shoulders 'till black waistline, subtly accenting eyes of sparkling blue. The subtle shining of silver buckle on red belt is the only piece of would-be jewelry, neck, hands and wrists being bare.
A double cord of red and silver with a loop, a long tail and a tassle, all bound in gold thread, denotes a status of Senior Journeyman in the StarCraft. Situated right under the knot is a small badge, showing a speciality in Charting for those who are familiar with the StarCraft symbols.
He is awake and looks alert.
Keris is 23 Turns, 6 months, and 6 days old.

Jorina (#8818)
Locks the shade of russet fall to just past Riina's shoulders, curling slightly at the tips. Her grey-green eyes appear to hide beneath dark lashes, however short they may be. Once tan, the StarCrafter is now a pale five feet seven inches, her colouring the result of more and more days indoors, giving lessons or studying charts.
Turquoise linen is shaped into the form of a tightened bodice, material wrapping Jorina's bosom in the monocolored cloth. Several dusky square buttons are sewn tightly along modest back, buttoning the dress up to the collar. Miniscule stitches end sleeves at shoulder length with contrasting loops of white thread. Two triangular pockets decorate the top, geometric designs set equidistant from the band collared neckline. Embroidered upon the right-hand one in loops of metallic thread is the image of an eight pointed star, satin-stitched circular red background marking it the emblem of the StarCraft. A full skirt swishes out from a piping decorated waist, unwavering blue-green fabric curtailed at midcalf length. From the skirt's hem peek more heavily sewn, frost tinted stitches, identical to those finishing the sleeves, while similarly toned piping edges geometric pockets. A small pair of ankle boots made of soft wherhide decorate her feet, with laces the same cromcoal color as the boots.
Jorina wears the Silver and Red Double Cord, Single Loop, Long Tail and One Tassled Knot with a Gold thread peeking through designating her as a StarCraft Sr. Journeyman.
She is awake and looks alert.

Jorina sighs as she makes her way down the rope ladder, her cheeks tear stained and eyes red, but at the moment rather dry. Carefully, she moves her skirts away from any water and walks, head down, towards the field. If she could be more depressed than she was a few days ago, she is now.

Keris is lounging near the lakeside, blankets stuck under him, around him and ove... ok, not over him, but you get the picture. Nice day to study outside, yes. Has nothing to do with avoiding certain persons, no. "Oh, Riina....." Journeyman smiles as he spots said person, raising one blanketed arm in a wave. "What're you doing out he...." Ooh. Tears. Um, eek.

Jorina sniffs as she happens upon Keris and a tear threatens to fall, this one quite real enough. "Do I have to have a reason to be out here?" She asks, a bit rudely even for her, and crosses her arms over her chest defensively. "But since you did ask, my mother has sent some oaf to the hall to get me 'fasted since I'm obviously not a master yet and I can't stand him." She shakes her head and would stomp her foot if it didn't mean some sort of enthusiasm- good or bad- but she doesn't have that. "He's horrid. Just like my uncle."

"Who? You mean, you're 'fasting someone?" Keris does look happy - for Riina, of course - until he catches up on the last bit. Meep. "Um... you mean, you don't like him and your mother still wants you to 'fast him?" Aww. He does actually look concerned, tilting his head and frowning.

Jorina shakes her head, "No, I'm not going to handfast him!" She eyes Keris in shock at the sheer audacity of such a suggestion. "He expects women to be the slaves of all men and told me he wouldn't make me practice my craft- as in, I wouldn't be allowed to study the stars at all." She -hmphs- disparragingly about him and stalks a few paces away before she sinks into the soft ground, facing the lake.

"Ohh......" Keris certainly doesn't like that person, nope. "But, why don't you just tell your mother and him no, then?" journeyman asks, still looking rather puzzled. "If you really don't want to.......?"

Jorina raises her eyes to the heavens in disbelief. "Tell my mother that I don't want to do it? No...She wouldn't leave off. She never did like me coming here, if she came to terms with it, and finding me a potential spouse like that must have taken Tuns. No, she'd keep after me until I finally agreed to it. And she could probably care less if I obtained my mastery before then, too." Riina shakes her head again despondantly, her gaze leveled out on the water again. Dark and angst-ridden she is at the moment. But Faranth knows something could trip a switch and she'll be carefree as a butterfly or bee in no time flat.

"I see," Keris comments, idly toying with a chart. Women. Um, eek. "Wonderful having parents like that, isn't it?" the journeyman finally sighs, staring out at the water as well. "Did you know that my parents were against my chosen craft as well? They wanted me to be a Smith. Imagine that." A wry chuckle is heard, and blonde locks fall into his eyes as he shakes his head. "Not that smithing is bad, but I couldn't imagine life without the stars...."

"I think I remember that." Riina says wryly, "Afterall, I believe I sat in on your interview, when I was learning how it was done." Eep. A reference to the journeywoman's age...but..."Forgot about it, though." She shrugs, then peers at the journeyman. "How did you get around her, though? I had to convince my da that it was all best for me to come here and he brought me without my mum knowing."

"Oh??" Keris chuckles a little - he doesn't remember that, of course, since he wasn't paying attention to anything but his new knot around that sweet interview-time. "Oh, I never got around them," he answers lightly, shrugging. "Left home. Haven't spoken with them since. But my mother was rather indifferent. it was my father who objected so strongly..."

Jorina tsks softly, "I should've done that." her words have an undertone of pure grumpiness, no more no less. "THen I wouldn't be stuck with mother nagging me about getting handfasted or my mastery." Riina sighs again, then sits up straight as a thought strikes her, "Hey, now will you do me the favor and 'fast me? I know you don't want to see the best rs specialist disappear on y'all..." No she's not bragging about her abilities. Not at all.

Keris starts laughing, though it turns into a weird coughing sound as that evil proposal from a few days back is repeated. "Um... 'fast you? But.... uh, Riina.... I mean, what about Ali and... everything?" Um, whine. Watch a journeyman squirm.

"She doesn't have to know, does she? I mean, it could be all secret and the only people told could be my family..." Riina twirls designs in the sand with her index finger as she speaks, looking nowhere near Keris. "That way my mother would stop hounding me and if you found a girl giving you unwonted attention, you could mention it to her and make her back off, without lying."

"You expect it to be kept a secret with more than two people knowing about it?" Keris asks, smiling a little bemused smile as he glances at Riina, rather curiously. "And I... don't want to hurt Ali. But, of course, I could explain to her that...." the journeyman trails off, looking rather helpless.

Jorina sniffs softly, her head still ducked low as she tries to avoid looking at the object of her affections- even if he appears to have none for her. "So." She says, barely getting the one word out before her voice breaks. "You'd much rather have someone six Turns your junior than your elder? Even though the older one needs it more?" Her words are interspersed with the occaisional breaking of her voice and the quiet sniffle, though with her hair over her face, the tears are hidden.

Aww. Keris bites his lip, freezing on the spot for a moment before hesitantly moving to place a light hand on Riina's shoulder. "Riina, please don't cry. Please! It's not that I don't like you, far from it! It's just, um, you know... 'fasting is an important thing, and, and, I'd probably make you miserable anyway...."

Jorina sniffs again before wiping her nose and eyes in one sweep with the back of her hand. "Yeah? How do you know. You haven't tried it, have you?" No, of course not. Quite upset, she turns her back to Keris so that she mightn't be able to see him at all and pulls her knees up to her chin. It might be better for Keris if she just left the area, but Riina hasn't the energy.

"Um, well, no," Keris admits, and then, with a feeble attempts of humor, adds: "But you'd probably end up hating me and then what would your mother think of the man you chose to handfast?" Gee, smooth, Keris, smooth.

Jorina twitches her shoulder in a miniscule shrug. "She'd be glad I finally 'settled down'- those are her words. Besides, I couldn't hate you. I only hate dragons and that's because of their sheer size." A shudder ripples along her spine at the thought of the monstrous beats. Surely anyone would be terrified of them.

Well, Keris can kinda follow her on that thought, but it doesn't help to clear up his distressed mind. "Well, um.... oh, Riina," sighs the journeyman finally, squeezing said journeywoman's shoulder lightly. "I just don't want to hurt /anyone/. And your reputation would be ruined, 'fasting someone like me," he adds, almost desperately.

Jorina snorts, "Mine? They're already joking about my promotion to journeyman being a mistake, the apprentices are. I don't see how it could do anything but help it." She looks up quickly, her eyelashes and cheeks glistening, but just as quickly looks back down to wipe her face on the long hem of her skirt. "Besides, I'm sure it'd help yours, too. Settling on one person. And people get hurt everyday. Some people just differently than others."

"Well, ah..." Keris sight again, his brows creasing further as Riina wipes her eyes again. Tears. Um, whine. "I just don't want you thinking that... um, even if we were to... I mean, I do like you and I want to help you out, but, I want to be.... Ali..." Mutter, mutter. Apparently, the journeyman's trying to make some point.

Jorina huffs, caving in on herself again. "Ali is a dragonrider now, y'know." She feels she must point that out again and again. "Chances are once she graduates weyrlinghood, that brown Uillath of hers will discover greens and she'll forget about you." Harsh maybe, but Riina isn't up to being nice right now. Whiny and stubborn and selfish, that's how she is at this moment although Faranth knows that tomorrow she could completely regret what she's doing now- except that's tomorrow and not today.

Gee, thanks for reminding him....! Keris immediately takes to looking absolutely miserable, shoulders hunching. "Yeah, guess she will........." And, apparently encouraged by that thought, the journeyman suddenly tightens his grip in Riina's shoulder. "D'you really think it would help matters if we... erm, were to 'fast?"

Jorina tilts her head a bit to the left, usually a sign of being in thought but here as a shrug that wouldn't remove the hand. "I don't see how it could hurt anything. Ali will be sad about it, but surely she has Uillath now."

"I guess....." Keris' expression turns sad for a moment, but then he smiles; a smile that wuickly turns into a chuckle. "Well then, looks like we're in for quite an adventure....."

Jorina turns, her face brightened considerably, "You mean you'll do it? Really?" Poor Riina has no experience with love affairs- surely she never had a beau when she was younger, and so is now at loss about what to do. Should she just sit here or give Keris a kiss? THe joruenwyoman takes the road in the middle and wraps her arms around Keris in a warm hug. "Thank you?"

Aww. Keris wraps his arms around Riina in return, tilting his head to give her a light kiss on the cheek. All in due time... "I do mean it...... let's do it as soon as possible, then! I'll talk to the Harpers, and, um, let's do it tomorrow?" Talk about moving fast...

StarCraft Field (#16354)
Soft grass, speckled with wildflowers and the occasional tree, spans about an acre in length from the lake to the forest edges, where a forest tent sits. Near the tent lie a few campsite rings and stakes for the various other tents that will be erected. The grassy ground has already been marked heavily in chalk, stones, and string, showing the outline for a large structure. Stakes have been placed in various locations and already the earthen ground has been disturbed for the initiation of building.
It is a winter noon.
Shooting around is RedStarr.
You see Forest Green Tent, Worker's Tent, Firelizard Feeder, and Eve here.
Kiyna, Etain, Keris, and Lilinia are here.
Obvious exits:
StarCraft Courtyard Koi Pond Lakeside

Lilinia shuffles in, looking for a random apprentice to do her bidding, in other words, clean up her room to find some papers she's here for. "Hellooo everyone... Whatcha' doin'?" She beams at them, very glad to be home, "Anything new, or are we just, like. Uh. Sitting here?"

Nervous? Mais oui! Riina inches her way into the planned area for the thing that's going to happen, her eyes wide as she looks for Keris- and to be sure that her mother and that Oaf Bijokorak are no where around. "W-what're you doing here?" She asks of Lilinia, the first person she meets, "Aren't there lessons to teach?"

Lili beams at Riina, "Wellll... I'm lookin' for some..." Nia pauses, shoving her hands onto her hips and glaring at Jorina. "Gee. I love you too Riina. I mean, I'm home, and like, you want me to teach lessons."

Kiyna hops up and glances around at all the people "What's going on here anyway?" she looks like she had been relaxing until the area filled up.

"Oh, Lilinia, you're visiting from 'Reaches?" Keris calls out, strolling towards said journeywoman and - eep - Riina. "Still as cold as always? Met any interesting persons?" Like Lis? Ahem. Blue eyes flicker over the senior journeywoman though, and a conspiratorical smile is given. "Hey, Riina...."

Jorina tosses her head back in a wide grin, her current state of mind forgotten by Lilinia's question. "No! I thought you'd be teaching the apprentices! Faranth Lil...It's not as though my memory is that bad!" A chuckle, giggle perhaps escapes but halts abruptly as Keris approaches and her grin evolves into a smug, yes smug, smile. "Hey Ker.."

"Nah... I was just like, 'Wow! Today is one of those days that I should go bother someone and do my bidding.' That was my goal for today. Really." Lili smiles at him, letting her hands drop down as she beams, "Course. We're talking a bunch of proddy dragonriders running around at all hours." Blinking as she looks between the other two journeymen, she takes a step back, wondering exactly what's going on around here. "Uhm. Of course. That's my favorite thing in life, to be a slave to the appys. /Please/."

Etain wanders in somewhat idly, seems as though she took what has become a rare break from her work. Intreasting, very much so. People? Journeypeople add that, weird. "I thought you guys only came out when the planets were in perfect alingment."

"Hmm, sounds like you've found yourself a good posting. Wonder why Adar came back," Keris chuckles, winking at Lilinia. "And you picked a good time, too. We wouldn't want to do this without you," journeyman beams, sliding an arm around Riina's shoulders. Gee, wonder what he means.

Jorina beams and leans into Keris' arm, though her gaze keeps flickering around the other people. DO they all have to be here to see this? Shouldn't 'fastings be kept private? "But how can you stand it with all the dragons around, Lil? I'd go mad spending just a minute there." Not that she isn't mad already, not in some senses.

Lilinia bites on her lip, "Weellll... I'm, not, er, afraid of them?" She shrugs for a lack of a better answer, "Plus I don't have to go near them that often. I usually sort of hang inside." Nia shrugs again, feeling rather, well, stupid for lacking such an answer. "So... uhm... what's going on? Anything?"

Keris squeezes Riina for a moment before letting the bomb drop at Lilinia: "We're getting handfasted." Yup, yup. Beam. Just, don't ask and you'll be all fine....

Etain does a quick double take, she's in that klah drunk like thing. Lili? She gives her friend a hug then gapes at Keris. "What?!"

Sunglasses anyone? Riina beams more brightly if possible at this revelation to the others. "Yup. Today. In less than a candlemark." See? There's a harper coming- no wait, that's a vintner checking on some herbs or grasses or something.

Lilinia's draw drops several feet and just hangs there, dangling off her head, looking quite detatched. "You're /what/?!" She stares, wondering who's drunk, why this is happening, and if they really mean it. "Are you /kidddding/ me?" Nia flaps her arms around a bit, and finally pulls her jaw back up, "This /isn't/ funny you know..."

Etain has the same awstruck look she had when Riina and Keris announced it a few moments ago, or is that horror? "Might I ask, /why/?" She over emphizes the why. "I mean, Riina's nice and all, but /Kerry/?"

"Well, yes. I mean, we're not kidding," Keris adds, laughing at Lilinia's expression while winking at Etain. "Why? Do we need to /tell/ the obvious?" the journeyman answers evasively, tilting his head slightly.

Jorina frowns, eyeing Etain with the stare she reserves for the new apprentices that need to learn when and how to behave. "What do you mean by that? Keris is perfectly wonderful, thank you." Idignance flutters through her tone as she tightens her own arm around the journeyman. "And I'll have you know that this has been in the works for Turns." At least with one half of the pair.

Tolia walks lightly in from the StarCraft Courtyard.

Tolia squints in the afternoon glare, shading her eyes as she locates the folk she was looking for. "Afternoon," she calls cheerily, striding over.

Lilinia raises an eyebrow looking at Jorina, an nearly exact copy of Etain. "Uh... Are you sure about this Riina? I mean, like, he's Keris. Not that that's bad, but, ya know? It's just like... Keris." Lil decides to ignore Keris for several minutes. This is a girl to girl thing.

Tolia (#16624)
A sturdily built, slender young woman at a final height of 5'6", her lovely, light-brown eyes and pretty smile begin to reflect a developing inner maturity. Her sun-streaked blonde hair is kept short, its translucent golden ends curling in unexpected ways at the ends where it just stops to tickle her well-proportioned ears (her best feature, some say, for the rest of her face is quite plain). Her freckled skin is lightly tanned, and she moves with a developing grace despite a lingering adolescent awkwardness.
Shades of green -- sea green, spring green, the green of sunshine through fellis leaves. A light, sleeveless blouse of sisal stops just short of her waist, as if she'd outgrown it already; a skirt of a deeper green drapes softly around her thighs, flaring lightly as it stops just above her knees. Oli is lightly shod, at best -- open sandals protect her feet from the worst of the ground's roughness.
A new twist of blue and white adorns Oli's shoulder, captured in a small epaulet sewn for the purpose. What formerly was simple now has extra ornamental loops at ends and top, marking her as a Journeyman Harper.
She is awake and looks alert.
Tolia is 18 Turns, 11 months, and 23 days old.

Etain smiles a small smile at Keris. See? At least someoen knows how to take a joke. "Well, I guess I'm happy for you two then. Are we invited?" Who cares about invitations, it's her home too. She can't help but mentally agree with Lili. If Riina isscrewing up her life it's not her business to interfeer. Shedefenitly doesn't want any more chores.

Keris sends Lilinia and Etain a rather indignant glare as well - they should just know /who/ begged /who/ about this 'fasting business. "Of course you're invited, if you think you can handle it." Hmpf. Abandoning his bride-to-be - squeak! - the journeyman moves to join Tolia as he spots the Harper. "Ah, Harper Tolia, glad to see you again," he greets, smiling warmly. "We're almost ready to begin. But come meet Jorina." Suitable, isn't it? Yes.

Jorina just stares at Lilinia, much in the same manner that she eyed Etain, "What's wrong with Keris? Nothing. That's what." Poor woman doesn't even know how to defend her soon-to-be-spouse and stands there dumbly, arms crossed over her chest. "Tolia?" She turns to look at the harper as her ear picks up the name. Slowly, she steps to the journeywoman, her mind echoing Lilinia's recent words.

Tolia smiles first to greet Keris, and then with equal gladness to Jorina. "Very nice to meet you." She extends her hand; "Bit of short notice for most folks for a handfasting, but you've picked a great day for it." The clear, cool sky shines of winter's blue.

Lilinia sighs, taking another step back, using Etain as a semi-shield. "Sooo... uhh.. Tai? How's life?" She nods, cowering a bit from the others, and pondering if she should actually teach that class. "Anything new happening at the hall? Maybe?" She sends a weak smile over at Keris and Riina. Meep.

Jorina nods briefly. The day wasn't exactly chosen. "Yeah, well...time sorta couldn't be spared. I-We needed it as soon as possible." Swiftly she switches in the middle of the sentence, not about to blame herself for this whole mess. It's Keris' fault, too, really.

Etain raises an eyebrow at Nia and nods. "Besides life as we know it ending today, ummm...yeah. Kazzie's door is in the lake and there is a banner made of guy's shorts hanging in the hall." Possibly she wont get introuble for either because everyone is so happy (she's s 'innocent), maybe she can scare the Harper off and save Riina, maybe, so many maybes.

Yes, reall.... erm, how? Oh, anyway. Keris nods in agreement with Riina, quickly covering Tolia's hand with his to avoid embarrassing questions from anyone. "Well, let's get started, then? Wouldn't want to, erm, stall this happy event any longer." Meep.

Tolia begins to pick up on the couple's nervousness, and, well, she's never done this before, not herself, so... "Um, you've decided to forego most of the long-winded stuff, right?" she nods, prompting confirmation from Keris and Jorina. "And you're using a mark piece?"

A mark? You need a /mark/ to get handfasted? Keris sends Riina a worried glance, shuffling his feet about. "Um, a mark piece? Of course!" Of course. Of course..... erm.

"You don't need one if you don't have one," Oli quickly covers. "It's not at all necessary, actually. Most holders don't use it, so I ask." Ahem. She smiles and pulls her hands behind her back, folding them.

Etain reaches into her pocket and rumages around some in it. Sh epulls out assorted things, paper, a quill, some string, a few other thinfs untill she finds some money. "I have a few, want some?" Okay, so she's rich for a little appy.

Jorina giggles softly at Keris' reaction, "Oh, yes, please!" is her fervent reply. THe sooner it's over with the better. "I don't think we could stay here for anything too long..." Not noticing Etain at all, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a 32nd piece, always kept on hand if she ever needed anything that required marks. "Will this do?"

Tolia grins, shrugging amiably. "Looks good to me," she tells the woman. "Though he's supposed to give it to you, I guess you could do it the other way around." She glances between the pair. "You can use it or not, as you like. It's a token of promise."

"Ah, looks like we manage," Keris tells Etain, grinning at the apprentice. Meep. Oh. Change of roles? Well, the proposal was done upside-down, so why not this as well? "You decide," the journeyman tells Riina, smiling brightly at the small crowd.. Beam. He's getting... 'fasted. ...beam...

One shoulder lifts slightly, but drops soon after in Riina's characteristic noncommittal shrug. "I s'pose it could work that way. Since I have the mark and all." Not to ramble on, she clamps her mouth shut in a forced grin of enjoyment of this time.

Etain nods at the two and shoves the stuff back in her pocket. Ahh well, up to them. She doesn't say anythign more for the time, this is just way too weird.

Tolia beams between the two of them, then, after just slightly too long a pause, clears her throat. "Well, then, shall we begin?" She considers the small crowd. Got plenty of witnesses, but not really a formal crowd.

"Please?" Keris asks, tugging lightly at Riina's arm so they can move to stand in front of Tolia. He, too, glances at the crowd, sending his fellow crafters a rather nervous grin. Um. Meep.

Jorina nods eagerly. "Yes, please." Riina's manner changes once again as she joins Keris. However, she doesn't look at the others. It's bad enough knowing they have to watch her spill her guts.

Etain watches with silent intreast, she's never been to a handfastign before and her usual inqusativeness is everpresent. She cocks her head to one side momentarly then shrugs to herself.

Tolia puts the heavy, wherhide-bound book she carried out down on a stone beside her; that comes later. Throwing her shoulders back and standing up straight, she looks up to the smiling faces of the bride and groom, and is about to speak, really she is... right. "I'd start with an introduction, but in this case, it's not necessary," she finally begins. "But, for formality's sake, I ask you: Keris, and Jorina," she makes sure to get the names right; as she does, a fleeting hint of recognition passes, curious, across her expression. She shakes it away. "You have come before me of your own will to be joined to each other in handfasting?"

Jorina glances swiftly, nervously at Keris before nodding. "Um, yes. I come of my own will." She does. Even if it was spurred by her mother's actions.

"Aye, I came freely," Keris seconds after only the slightest of hesitations. He did come freely, even if it took a rather great deal of cajoling.....

Etain raises an eyebrow. Free will? No way they are doing this on their own free will. Some kind of mutant disease probab;y took them both over and is makign them do this so they will live their entire lives in eternal torture or soemthing.

"Good." Okay, Oli, what answer did you expect? "Keris, do you swear that you will love and honor Jorina, protecting her from harm to best of your ability, throughout your lives?" She turns to the man, smiling as she waits for his answer.

Jorina crosses her toes, though they can't be seen through her wherhide boots, in the ages old sign of luck. A smile draws itself over her expression as she waits for Keris' answer. He'll agree to that, right?

Keris sends Riina a quick glance out of the corner of his eye, and then looks back at Tolia with a small smile before nodding solemnly. "I swear," he replies in a formal tone, fingers unconsciously clenching the hem of his tunic.

Etain raises that eyebrow again to herself in thought. Teg gets a bit of a head nod as a greeting. "Hi," she whispers quietly to her friend.

Tolia nods, her manner gaining just a little formality as the handfasting vows progress. "Jorina," she turns to the woman. "Will you love and honor Keris, caring for him throughout your lives and bearing his children as you are able?"

Caelia wanders into the field with her typical bouncy stride, her hair going every which way and trailing faintly behind her in the breeze. notcing the large crowd gathered, she strides over to them, breezily smiling and throwing casual waves and impish smiles to those she knows. She stops almost in her tracks, realizing what's going on... her eyes widen and her mouth works, but she just silently sidles up behind Etain and pulls on her sleeve, whispering urgently, "is what I think going on, going on?"

"I swear to all that." Jorina's head bobs jerkily as she affirms the statement, her own hands cold and white with nervousness. Will this moment not end? "To love and honor and have children and everything. I promise it." She repeats the phrases haltingly, feeling as if she must supply something in the pause.

Satisfied, Oli nods. What's next... ah, yes. To Keris -- no, to Jorina, with a slight grin, she instructs. "Now, you present the mark to Keris and pledge your troth in your own words." Now, she gets to wait, while they do all the talking. Whew.

Etain whispers a greetign at Caelia and nods-, as long as she's thinkign what is happing is happening she's right. She does a double take at Riina. Children? little Kerry Riina spawn? Poor hall.

Her hand quivering with nervousness, Jorina holds the mark for all to see, it's StarCraft symbol glinting red and silver upon the darker wood. "This mark is a sign of my affection, to be given to you- um" She pauses, trying to remember what other people said at their 'fastings. Riina is not good at making things up spur of the moment. "- to do with as you please. Keep it or give it away, it is yours." That should do, evenif a bit awkward, and the journeywoman twists her wrist to let the mark rest in the palm of her hand, available for Keris to take.

Tolia raises her eyebrows; unconventional but effective. Not that she'd do any better. "Keris, if her words please you, accept the mark and tell her so."

Caelia looks over at Keris and Jorina, her eyes slightly wide as she watches. But what about...? She covers her mouth with her hands to forestall any comment that might be lurking behind her lips about any certain girls. She shakes her head and looks at the couple about to become formally 'fasted, trying to sort out things that are suddenly dancing in a whirl in her head as she waits for Keris' response.

Keris extends his hand to rest on Riina's, letting it linger for a moment before withdrawing it, mark now in his palm. Deep breath, and then the journeyman says: "Riina... I am very honored... very proud.... to accept this token of affection from you. Sometimes, unexpected things happen...." A slight pause as he swallows visibly. "Sometimes, unexpected things happen, but just because they aren't planned they don't have to turn out badly, and I merely hope that I can make you happy." Phew. That's all, right?

Tolia, sensing that final words are in order, and quickly, takes a deep breath. "Heard and Witnessed," she proclaims. "By law and right, you're handfasted. Congratulations." She pauses for a sunny smile, waiting for them to, uh, seal it or something. You know. Like people do.

Seal? Like people d... oh. Oh! Keris sends Tolia a rather shaky grin, and then turns to face Riina, eyeing her with some uncertainty. Well, supposedly they would've done this many times before, being in love and all, right?

Etain wonders if she really has to see this part, do they really have to have it? It's, well, it's Kerry and Riina. She shakes her head to herself, at least she isn't yelling at herself. "Ummm...congratutlaitons and stuff."

Caelia shakes off her thoughts of why on earth this is going on, and summons a cheery smile of congratulations to Keris and Riina, walking forward with her hands outstretched to them with a bouncy stride. "Oh, I wish you both happy," she grins to them. "Riina, I don't know how you'll put up with him, but.. good luck." She winks at Keris to show she's kidding.

Tolia bends to pick up the book, opening it to a page. From her carisack, she removes a well-stoppered bottle of ink and pulls a quill out of a tube; she should have plenty of time while young lovers kiss, no? Without looking up just yet, she begins scribing their names; Jorina and Keris. Then... oh. They're waiting for her. That was quick. "Um, if you could each sign or make your mark," she requests, dipping the quill and holding it out first to Keris. Why should she know this name? Again, recognition almost lingers, but flits away before she can grasp it.

Now what? Well, for starters, they could do a proper kiss, right? Before he can change his mind, Keris slides a hand 'round Riina's waist, planting his lips on hers firmly for a few moments - and then some. Whee. Maybe this 'fasting deal ain't that bad after all... "Uh, thanks," he states to the apprentices' congratualtions afterwards, smirking and winking. Beam. Tolia's quill is taken, then, and the journeyman signs the book. "There."

A little pink? Jorina has never actually kissed anyone- until now. Her cheeks flaming red as her hair, she takes the quill and signs her own name, albeit illegibly, in the book. "And there's mine."

Tolia glances at the signatures and, satisfied, adds her own. Placing the book down, open so the ink can dry, she restoppers the ink -- or starts to. "You're done," she tells them with a cheerful grin. "Enjoy." Abruptly, she starts to open her mouth, curious, but closes it again and replaces her smile.