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A Constellation Class

Cynanda sits down on the floor making herself comfortable before beginning the class on night skies. "Today, we'll be learning all about the constallations we see in our skies every night. First off, Do you know any of the constellations?”
Shava sits down next to Cynanda, and gets ready for her first class, “I have a list of most of them, but I really don't know anything about them."
Cynanda GRINS "that's a good start, most people don't know any of them" she pauses for a moment then proceeds "We'll start with the gather circle, Any guesses to why it's named that?”
Shava says, "Because it somehow looks like a gather circle, and whoever named it thought the stars in the constellation looked like it, I guess."
Cynanda says, "You pretty much got it, good job, The Gather Circle was named when some Harper apprentices decided it looked like a gather during the founding of Ista."
Cynanda flicks some hair out of her eyes and then curls her legs under herself.
Cynanda opens the book for Shava to see the constellation on paper so she gets a good idea of what it looks like "See, I guess it could look like a gather, couldn't it?”
Shava looks at the constellations carefully and says, "I guess it could, though some people may need a good imagination to see it."
Cynanda smiles thoughtfully "I suppose so, now moving right along, there are a lot of constellations so are there any particular ones you want to learn about first?" she asks closing the book for now and setting it in front of her.
Shava says, "How about 'Love in the Sky'?"
Cynanda says, "This one is made up of two red stars and a blue one placed south of them and centered between the two. It seems to stick out in the sky. Oh, and I almost forgot that there are two sets of stars on either sides of those and are lower in the sky" she explains though Shava " It doesn't say how it was named so I imagine it was named because of it's looks" she tells her.
Cynanda searches the book for a picture but sees a blank page "There is no picture of this one but I'm sure you'll be able to see it in the sky if you go up to the observatory.”
Shava says, "Ok, neat. For the rest, we can just go down the list if you want."
Cynanda moving on, "I happen to enjoy the legend of the Tunnel Snake, but first to tell you it looks like a curving m. It was named because of the legend of a clumsy starcraft apprentice who was supposed to clean a telescope lens" she pauses to make sure Shava is with her, "On the way up the stairs holding the telescope he tripped and fell, luckily the lens fell on something soft, a tunnelsnake. When he looked into the sky after righting the saved lens that's what he found in the sky and so it got it's name" she finished telling the legend and picks up the book to, see if there is a picture of it so that she gets the general idea of what it, looks like.
Shava is amazed by the story and can't wait to hear another of how a constellation was named. Also she waits patiently as Cynanda finds the picture.
Cynanda turns the book towards Shava "Ahh, here it is, Do you see the m?”
Shava says, "The five major stars, right?"
Cynanda says, "Absolutely, the larger one's in the picture" she adds.
Cynanda thinks for a moment then continues liking to teach such an eager student "The Dancing Dolphins are found in the Southern sky above Blacksands. It was named by the newly promoted Master Alein at the time in the dolphincraft. He wanted to be part of Pern's history so by naming the two interlocking circles of 5 and six stars he did just that. Now the Seacraft uses these stars to find their way south.
Cynanda says, "What else would you like to learn about."
Cynanda says, "There are so many constellations" she adds.
Shava says, "Let's try Evensong 's Fog, White Kitten, and Golden Mark."
Cynanda grins, "Ok, and I'll see if I can remember them all too," she says while trying to implant those three in her mind.
Cynanda says, "This constellation looks much like a waterfall and like a waterfall the brightest star is at the top. It is best viewed in Midwinter. Evensong's fog means "Fog of Midnight" and is known among smaller cot and craftholds for it's reliability in calculating solstice celebrations. Also like fog, it starts out strong in the beginning but dims out into small lights at the end.” Cynanda tucks her ever annoying hair behind her ears to keep it away from her face.
Cynanda says, "This one also has a picture in the book which you may want to look at" she tells Shava.
Shava says, "I see the picture, very interesting, didn't know that it was some sort of a seasonal constellation."
Cynanda pauses then continues on the Golden Mark, "The Golden Mark is a story of two lovers. They had wanted to espouse but Kilimira's father intervened and they were heartbroken. Her lover being disappointed and upset threw a mark into the sea," she stops to take a breath, "Kilimara was walking by the sea one day and found the mark which reminded her of what had happened. When they found each other they were overjoyed and went to find a Harper so they could espouse. In honor of them they named the constellation which looks like a mark being thrown into the water and named it the Golden Mark. It is right above the spot in which she found the mark that day.”
Shava says, "That is one interesting story!"
Cynanda says, "I'd say," she smiles, "... and now for the white kitten and then I'll let you go because there are so many constellations it would take all day, but if you want to know about them just look for the book of stars and t will tell you all the stories" she explains "You'll get credit for this class anyway." Cynanda says, "This one looks like a kitten with no tail in the sky now but one night when a Starcraft apprentice was looking at a comet she noticed a familiar shape. When she drew it on paper it looked like her little white kitten so she named it just that"
Shava says, "Now this one does look a little more like it's name than some of the others."
Cynanda says, "So nice to teach you, your more eager to learn then some and that makes it fun," she compliments Shava and then gets up stretching her arms and legs and picking up the book "I'm getting tired," she yawns, "Well see you around."
Shava says, "Ok, and thank you, yours is the first class I've taken, and it’s only my first day as an apprentice."